Passenger arrested for allegedly assaulting female airport official

Friday, June 28, 2024 
-A female passenger identified as Ayemobola Mojadesola has been arrested for allegedly assaulting a female airport official. 

Disclosing this to newsmen, the Director, Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at NCAA, Michael Achimugu, said Ms. Ayemobola attacked the official because she was asked to return a borrowed pen.

‘’Because she was asked to return a borrowed pen, a passenger named Ayemobola Mojadesola (born 1995) and her mother attacked an airport official, causing facial injuries and destroying two laptops in the process. She was arrested by Avsec and had to buy replacement laptops and offered fifty thousand naira cash for medical treatment of the injured staff.

I must reiterate that unruly behaviour and destruction of airport equipment will not be tolerated.

Aviation equipment and staffers are there to facilitate safe and secure travel. They are not punching bags.''

Achimugu urged aggravated passengers to always seek the assistance of the NCAA Consumer Protection Officers at the terminals. He said the NCAA Consumer Protection officers are there to help you and that aggrieved passengers should always refer to them if they are not satisfied with the service rendered by operators.

He added that the airline offloaded Ms Ayemobola for unruly behaviour and she was taken by Avsec to Tango City before being handed over to the Nigeria Police Force.

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