You may be the best wife and your husband will still want another wife. It’s not always about you - Marriage therapist tells Muslim women

Saturday, April 27, 2024 – A marriage therapist, Shamseddin Giwa, has advised Muslim women to understand that polygamy is permissible in Islam and get used to it before marriage.

"The shock for many Muslim first wives begins when the husband announces the decision to take another wife given the mindset and upbringing that if you do your best your husband will not desire another," he wrote in a Facebook post on Thursday.

The truth: You may be the best wife and your husband still wants another.

You may be less than average and your husband doesn’t take another.

It’s not always about you. A man who will marry another wife, will marry another wife.

From there, the bitterness sets in and a battle mode engaged towards the incoming wife who may even be trying her own best to make things work.

Understanding what’s permissible in Islam and aligning before marriage helps to address many of these issues. May Allaah make it easy.

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