86-year-old man sustains injuries as building catches fire in Kwara

Saturday, April 27, 2024 
-A late-morning fire that gutted a residential building in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Saturday, has left an 86-year-old man with injuries.

The spokesperson for the Kwara State Fire Service, Hassan Adekunle, disclosed this in a statement on Saturday.

Adekunle noted that the fire started at about noon when the octogenarian, who was reportedly cooking, stepped out to attend to someone but returned to the sight of the fire.

One room in the 12-room building located at Afolayan Street in the state capital was said to have been destroyed in the fire alongside some properties.

Adekunle narrated, “Upon arrival, they found a 12-room building with only one room affected, containing belongings and personal items that were lost to the inferno. The firefighters showcased their expertise, in containing the fire and preventing further damage to adjacent buildings.

“Investigations revealed that an 86-year-old occupant had been cooking and momentarily stepped out to attend to someone. Upon returning, he discovered his apartment was on fire.

“In a state of distress, he re-entered the burning apartment, possibly to retrieve belongings, and suffered injuries, including burns to the hair on his head. The injured man was promptly taken to the nearest hospital to receive treatment for his injuries.”

The spokesperson however urged residents of the state to be fire safety conscious while commiserating with the victim.

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