'He's an evil man' - BILLY RAY CYRUS' Ex, FIREROSE reveals his 'strict rules’ and details alleged 'domestic abuse' amid divorce battle

Monday, July 1, 2024 -
Country singer, Firerose has opened up about her past relationship with Billy Ray Cyrus amid their ongoing divorce battle.

 The 36-year-old singer said in an interview with Page Six, said Cyrus had 'strict rules' for her when they were together.

 She alleged that the Achy Breaky Heart hitmaker, 62, constantly screamed at her and made her feel like a 'prisoner' at their Tennessee home during their marriage.

 The Australian singer also claimed to the publication that Cyrus was an 'evil man' and detailed her own claims of domestic abuse during the two years they were together and seven months they were married.

After he claimed she had 'physically, emotionally and verbally abused him,' she opened up about how she claimed he 'isolated' her from her friends and family and attempted to control her.

'Billy had very strict rules,' she elaborated. 'I didn't have a car. I was only allowed to go to the local chiropractor and allowed once a month to get my nails done.'

Firerose, an Australian singer whose name is Johanna Rose Hodges — called it 'systemic isolation' and added: 'I couldn't find the courage to leave.' 

She also claimed that her friends and family were banned from visiting her at home.

Cyrus' estranged wife added: 'If I had to send a text, I had to read it out to him for permission. It was the same for email.' 

In court documents filed in Tennessee last week, Cyrus denied the 'mindboggling' allegations of abuse towards her and claimed in their explosive divorce battle that she was after his money and abused him. 

He also denied 'abandoning her' on May 23 when he filed for divorce and the day her double mastectomy was scheduled. 

She previously said he kicked her out of their Tennessee home on the same day she was scheduled to undergo a double mastectomy. 

 She explained that she had recently been diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene mutation and faces a high risk of developing breast cancer. 

However, she was unable to get the surgery. 

'When Billy decided to discard me it was [in] a brutal way,' she shared. 'I would never treat another human being so cruelly.' 

 Since then, the former couple have been entangled in a bitter legal battle, which she called 'excruciatingly painful.'

'This is a smear campaign by the person I was deeply in love with for four years and in a relationship with and who has decided to wage full blown war against me,' she said. 

Firerose also claimed the amount of stress he put on her caused her to pass out two days before their wedding last October. 

She said that at that time, she was taken to the hospital shortly before they were set to tie the knot. 

Firerose also claimed that Cyrus would give her the silent treatment for hours or days at a time. 

 As a result, she said she 'withdrew' and became 'afraid to talk.' 

 She also told the outlet about how their relationship overlapped with his former marriage to Tish Cyrus, which she claimed to not have any knowledge of as he told her he had already filed for divorce. 

 This comes shortly after one of Cyrus' divorce-related court filings alleged publicized a note Firerose allegedly left him after leaving the home they previously shared.

In the letter seeking reconciliation, she reportedly wrote that she was 'so sorry' and asked for 'a chance to make this right.' 

 Firerose did not deny writing the note and told Page Six: 'He's attempting to use my loving notes as proof that he could not have been abusing me because I love him.

 'But it's because you love them that you tolerate this behavior.'

'I think he will use every single thing against me,' she added, after mentioning she experienced some 'very dark years' in her 20s that led her to becoming sober.

 She suggested he had full knowledge of that part of her past and would weaponize it against her in their ongoing divorce battle. 

'He's an evil man,' she continued. 


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