Actress OMONI OBOLI soon to be a grandma as her son, TOBE, and his wife, MARELLE, are expecting their first child

Monday, July 1, 2024 -
Actress Omoni Oboli is currently in high heavens as her son, Tobe and his  wife, Marelle, are expecting their first child. 

The couple got married in March this year. The excited soon-to-be grandma shared the good news on social media today July 1.

‘’God is certainly in this story  I’ve become a cry baby besties. Every time I think about the fact that our baby is coming, I cry 🥹 Can’t wait to hold her in my hands  She’ll be the cutest baby ever. My hands are shaking typing this.

Who am I that you are so mindful of me Lord? Our families are overjoyed and getting ready to spoil her

My daughter @marelleoboli the cutest mom to be ever ‘’

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