Woman looks completely unrecognisable after undergoing extensive surgical makeover

Thursday, June 20, 2024 
One woman's surgery transformation is so dramatic that people have said she'll be needing a new passport.

The lady, named Katherine, went to Turkey to undergo a string of procedures. 

The clinic shared before and after pictures of Katherine looking extremely different after going under the knife. 

They explained what Katherine had done – with the procedures including a nose job, jawline shaping, buccal fat removal and a cheek lift. They said this all helped to "balance" her appearance.

 The post read: "To give our patient Katherine an aesthetic appearance in line with the golden ratio principle, we performed several surgical procedures. 

 "Firstly, we shaped the jawline to achieve a V-shaped contour. Following this, we performed revision rhinoplasty to refine the nose structure and harmonise it with the facial features. 

"We conducted under-eye rejuvenation surgery to remove the tired and aged look around the eyes, giving her a more youthful and dynamic expression. To enhance the overall facial aesthetics, we performed a cheek lift." 

They added: "Finally, we executed buccal fat removal to eliminate excess fat in the cheeks, creating more defined and sharp facial contours. These combined surgical procedures resulted in a natural and aesthetically balanced appearance for our patient." 

The post racked up tens of thousands of likes, with many shocked over Katherine's dramatically different look. 

"She will need a new passport and driver's license," one person said.

Another added: "Her phone won’t unlock anymore."

A third joked: "No need for all that explanation just say we removed the head and replaced it with a new one."

Some were even left worried, as another person wrote: “Downright scary… just imagine her husband wondering why their children look like someone else!”


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