Some human beings can never see anything good - WIKE hits back at Nigerians who slammed him for asking Permanent secretaries to bow before Pres. TINUBU

Friday, June 7, 2024 
-Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has hit back at Nigerians who criticized him for asking permanent secretaries to bow before President Bola Tinubu. 

While speaking at the Commissioning of the Aerial Road N20 Expressway in the FCT some days ago, the Minister directed the permanent secretaries in the FCT to file out and bow before President Tinubu who was present at the commissioning.

 His action was widely condemned by some Nigerians who felt it was a slight on the permanent secretaries to be ordered to bow before the President

 Reacting to criticisms which trailed the directive, Wike said the action was to show

appreciation to the President who granted approval for the appointment of the permanent secretaries whom he said had earlier lost hope in their career progression.

“Two days ago, when the President came, we tried to thank him for what he did in making sure that those who had already lost hope in their career progression got to the peak of their career.

 Before now, FCTA did not have permanent secretaries. But with Mr. President’s renewed hope, he said they must get to the peak of their careers by getting to the position of permanent secretary and head of the civil service, if possible. Mr. President granted that, and then I called out the permanent secretaries who are the beneficiaries to come out and take a bow and thank Mr. President.

It is an honour to be called out to take a bow, but some human beings can never see anything good. Instead, they are criticising, saying, ‘How will you call people who are permanent secretaries and ask them to take a bow?

In my place, when someone does not have anything good to say about you, they will say, ‘look at him’. Instead of you to commend Mr. President for doing well, for giving hope to those that didn’t have hope before.”

Watch a video of him asking the Permanent Secretaries to bow before the President below…

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