Police hunting down hunter who shot dead colleague in Ogun Forest

Monday, June 3, 2024
 -A hunter, Sunday Ijiola, 43, was allegedly shot dead by a colleague, Atanda Agbobiado, in a forest at Pakoyi, via Owode Ketu, Yewa North Area of Ogun.

 The incident occurred last Tuesday, May 28, 2024, when about fifteen hunters went into the forest to hunt.

 The hunters split up when they got to the forest.

 While hunting, the suspect reportedly mistook to deceased for a deer they were pursuing and shot him

A police officer told the publication: "It was said that a group of hunters from Owode-Apesin village, consisting of about 15 people, went to the forest to go about their hunting activities, and then saw a big deer in the forest.

 "They decided to make it their target and noticed it was gradually disappearing from their view, so they decided to strategically hunt it by double-crossing the fleeing animal."

 The culprit, Agbobiado, shot at the prey while they were pursuing it. His colleagues reportedly raced excitedly to the target but were startled to see that the victim was the one who had been shot.

 The victim passed away while being transported to a hospital for medical attention.

 Upon realising that the victim had died, the suspect fled.

 The grieving family have approached the Eggua Police Division to report the incident.

The spokesperson for the Ogun Police Command, Omolola Odutola, confirmed the incident and disclosed that an investigation into the death of the hunter had commenced.

She said, "We are currently investigating the scene of the crime, as our operatives have visited there and also taken photographs of the corpse. Efforts are ongoing to track down the fleeing suspect.

 “The father of the victim has requested that an autopsy be conducted and also requested that the body of the victim be released to him in line with the traditional rites. The case file with parties will be transferred to the state criminal investigation department for further investigation.”

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