My father has been suffering from bipolar disorder for 26 years - Veteran Nigerian journalist, OTORI OZIGI’S son reveals after he announced end of 37-year marriage

Monday, June 24, 2024
 –Veteran Nigerian journalist, Otori Ozigiwho publicly announced the end of his 37-year marriage has been allegedly suffering from bipolar disorder for over 26 years.

His son, Philip Ozigi disclosed this after the journalist in a now deleted Facebook post, said he has separated from his wife. 

“I'm not comfortable saying this in public but I have to address the situation here since it's now in the open. He has been suffering from bipolar disorder for more than 26 years now," Philip wrote.

“He has been on medications ever since and there are episodes of relapse every two years (the current situation) Please, you don't know the situation we have been going through with him for several years. We are trying to manage this situation.” 

A close friend of the journalist, Idris Ozi Shaib, also confirmed that Otori has been mentally ilfor 26 years and urged people to disregard the bad picture he painted of his wife.

“The wife is one of the most virtuous women I have ever come across and I stand on every word of it,” he wrote.

“She's patient, compassionate, enduring, and a Godly woman. Please disregard the bad pictureof her painted by her husband. I don't want to say more than this for now. Thank you.”


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