"Hypocrites. Who told you I'm looking for a good b***" SPYRO slams those saying NENGI is not good for him because she's a "bad b*tch" (VIDEO)

Monday, June 3, 2024 - Spyro has called out people saying he should not be indicating interest in reality TV star, Nengi because he's a "Church boy" and she's a "bad b**ch".

For weeks now, the "Fine Girl" singer has been opening up about his crush on Big Brother star, Nengi.

Today, June 3, he released a video calling out some fans who display a holier-then-thou attitude.

"Fear Nigerians. A lot of us don't have sense. Hypocrites. Quick to condemn," he began in the video.

He then repeated the negative things people have been saying about Nengi to warn him of her.

He said some told him she's not good for him, she'll finish his money, and that she's a "bad b**ch".

"But who tell you say na good b**ch me I dey find?" he asked.

He continued: "A lot of us, we'll be shocked on judgement day. Because what makes you even feel that I'm closer to God than she is? I don't get it.

"I personally feel like she's beautiful and she's well behaved, like she's calm and collected. And she's ehn... you know, you know..."

"So stop hating brothers and sisters. She's got it, and I like it  and ain't nothing wrong with that."

He proceeded to quote a Bible passage about God making all things sufficient for him.

He then invited Nengi to join him on an all-expense paid trip on his Canada tour, so they could get to know each other.

Watch him condemn hypocritical fans in the video below.

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