He wanted to add a second wife and remain married to MAY as “a proud polygamist”- MAY EDOCHIE'S lawyer reacts to YUL'S comment on bad marriage

Monday, June 10, 2024 
-The legal counsel to May Edochie, the estranged wife of actor Yul Edochie, Emeka Ugwuonye, has tackled the actor over his comments that one can walk away from a bad marriage and marry as many as 50 times

 Recall that the actor while speaking on a podcast recently, said marriage should not be a do or die affair and that people should know when to walk away when it is no longer working.

 In his words

 ‘’Marriage is not a do or die thing. No! It could work. If you see it's not working, walk away. Respectfully. You don't have to hurt each other, you don't have to…Once you walk away and you see the next person you want to marry, marry. If it doesn't work again, go. See another one again, marry. You can marry fifty times. You can't control how people react towards you. What makes me happy is different from what makes is going to make you happy and do not let anyone tell you do this and it will be good for you. No! Find out what works for you. And if you decide in this life that you will not marry till you die, please don't marry. Be happy''

Ugwuonye in a post shared on Facebook today June 10, said this was not what the actor did in his case. He pointed out that Yul wanted to force polygamy on May instead of ‘walking away’ from their marriage.

He also argued that walking away from a marriage without doing the necessary things is wrong. His post reads;


Yul Edochie’s recent interview has been generating attention on social media. In it, he said as follows:

“If Your Marriage Is Not Working, Walk Away And Marry Someone Else; If The New Marriage Still Doesn't Work, Walk Away. You Can Marry Up To 50 Times” — Yul Edochie

But he is doubly wrong on this. First, this was not what he did in respect of his marriage to Queen May. He didn’t walk away with an intent to end his marriage with May. Instead, he wanted to add a second wife and remain married to May as “a proud polygamist”. So, one wonders when Yul came upon the theory he is now bandying about.

Second, Yul is wrong because what you do when you are no longer interested in your marriage is not to walk away. Rather, you take steps to properly end such a marriage. Marriage is not a beer parlour where you can just walk in or walk out. It is an institution created by law. As an institution, it takes legal ceremonies to create a marriage, which then transform into a family. Also, marriage results in many cases, including his, children could be born to the marriage and marital properties jointly acquired by husband and wife during the marriage. So, when you want to end your marriage, you should take steps to undo the first legal ceremony that created the marriage through another legal ceremony that dissolves it. Also, you ought to address issues of the custody of children, access to the children, maintenance of the children and the sharing of the marital properties.

Having your so-called second wife spread lies and falsehood against your wife in order to tarnish her image and isolate her from society is not “walking away”. It is a dumb and wicked act.

So, in his recent interview, Yul, again disappointed all those who once saw him as an intelligent person. They need to remind him that what he said on the interview was not what he did, and tell him that no reasonable person can just walk away from his family. It is the height of irresponsibility to try to walk away from a marriage without caring about the children or by trying to force your wife into a polygamy. Besides, he needs to be reminded that he can't "marry someone else" until he has divorced the first wife.''


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