Grandma single for 30 years gets married aged 79 just weeks after meeting new partner

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 - A grandma who spent 30 years of her life single has tied the knot once again at the age of 79, just six weeks after she met her new partner.

Ernestine Murphy described living a mundane life that involved watching old cowboy films at home after she lost her late husband of 20 years, Robert Lee, when he was just 39 years old.

But two months ago, she shocked her granddaughter, Michelle, 30, with the news she had "met someone at church". That someone was Moses Cusse, also 79, a grandfather-of-two and carpenter.

Michelle was even more shocked when she found out from her grandma that the pair would be getting married at Alpha and Omega church in Richmond, Virginia, in front of 55 guests on May 25 - just six weeks after they met.

Michelle, a customer service worker, also from Richmond, said: "When she told me I was shocked - she barely leaves the house. To hear that she had met someone new was crazy. I knew this man must be something special.

"I couldn't believe it, she has struggled with depression for years and to see her bounce back was amazing. My grandmother is essentially my mum - as she raised me - and to see her suddenly living like she has a purpose is so great - and all because she's in love."

Ernestine and her new love, Moses, originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, met at their local church. The grandma revealed to her granddaughter she had met a man at the time but hadn't even got his name as she was too shy to ask him.

Ersteine and Moses quickly struck up a relationship, speaking daily on her phone and always meeting up.

Michelle said: "I was getting booted off the phone, but she kept just saying they were taking things slow."

The couple continued their romantic phone calls and meetings before announcing that they were getting married only six weeks after meeting.

Michelle recalled: "I went to walk the dog and was trying to process it, it has been such a short period of time and had moved so fast. But then I thought you're nearly 80 - life is not guaranteed, why should I not support her?"

Michelle finally met Moses at a family dinner just days before the wedding.

She said:" They are so adorable - they are practically the same height. He's such a perfect gentleman."

The couple held a small ceremony at their local church in Richmond, with Michelle's TikTok of the joyous day going viral.

Ernestine commented: "I'm not sure what viral means, but after seeing all the love and support, I knew it was God who was behind it."

Ernestine and Michelle both wore matching pink dresses for the event that Michelle described as a "dream wedding".

After the ceremony, the couple held a reception at the church and have plans to take a honeymoon soon.

After the wedding, Ernestine moved into Moses' house with him, also in Richmond, straight away.

Michelle said: “It has all been amazing, it just shows it's never too late to fall in love.”

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