Doctor reveals a 'strange request' she received from her cousin who struggled with infertility

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
A Nigerian medical doctor, Obiama Onya, has recalled a strange request she received from her cousin who struggled with infertility.   

“That same cousin of mine-two decades ago- made a strange request of me sometime ago. Apparently, she was finding it difficult to have children so she visited a pastor who advised her to bring a maternity gown belonging to to a relative who had no problems having children,” she wrote in a post on Monday.

So she came to visit me and asked me for it. I found it odd as it sounded fetish and refused to give her my maternity gown. So she took offense and left. Good riddance!

I still wonder till this day what true Man of God would make such a request. Abi na dibia she been visit?


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