Cholera outbreak due to poor sanitation- NCDC

Sunday, June 16, 2024
 -The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has blamed the recent cholera outbreak in the country on poor sanitation and a shortage of resources. 

The agency’s  Director General, Jide Idris who appeared on a Channels Television program on Saturday, June 15, to discuss the outbreak of the disease which has already claimed 15 lives in Lagos, called on governments to provide access to clean water and toilets as part of measures to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

He said; 

“If you go back to this cholera case, to me, it’s a problem of poor sanitation, both personal and environmental; it’s a problem of lack of access to water. The easiest way for good personal hygiene is hand-washing, especially after using the toilet, and before you cook your food. 

“But in a situation where you tell people to do hand-washing and there’s no access to water, it’s a problem. So, I think everybody, including the Federal Government, the state government, different agencies, local governments, even the people themselves, the community, have to come around.”

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