Chanting is not speaking in tongues - Nigerian Cleric accuses music ministers of introducing voodooism and spiritism into their songs

Monday, June 10, 2024 
-A Nigerian cleric, Abel Damina, has accused gospel artistes of introducing spiritism and voodooism into their songs. 

 While preaching in his church, the cleric who has hitherto spoken against some religious activities in Christendom such as Tithing, said the use of Chants and some vocabulary used by modern day gospel artistes is against the tenets of the bible.

 In his words

‘’I hear the latest thing that music ministers are doing now is what is called Chanting. What is chanting, repeating one or two lines for over one hour and they call it Spirit, Spiritism coming through the back. Voodoo coming through the back door and Satan and abstract projection coming through the back door in the name of music. We have to start fixing somethings right in this area so people are not swayed. 

Every song, teaching, message is only inspired to the degree to which it draws its inspiration from the inspired word of God. I don't care who the song writer is. If  what he wrote does not agree with the word of God and it is public space, we will attack and scrutinise it''

Speaking further, he said

‘’Like the song Channels of my spirit open, what Channels? Even in the old testament, there is no spirit that says you have Channels. Are you a monster?''

Watch a video of him speaking below

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