Bandits free 40 out of 150 abducted in Niger state after payment of N2m ransom and 12 motorcycles valued at N1.2m each

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 
-Bandits have freed 40 out of the 150 residents they abducted in Kuchi community in Munya Local Government Area of Niger State. 

Recall that a large number of bandits invaded the community three weeks ago, killed seven people including four security agents, and a veterinary doctor, and looted shops, houses and barns of farm produce before abducting 150 residents. 

It was gathered that victims, mostly women and children, regained their freedom on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, after the community paid N2 million ransom to the bandits. 

Apart from the N2m ransom, the community also contributed money to buy 12 Honda motorcycles valued at N1.2 million each which they gave to the bandits.

A source told the Premium Times that the bandits are still holding on to 110 villagers for whose ransoms are being negotiated. 

According to the source, the bandits have offered to release another batch of 40 hostages if the community could pay another N2 million and provide six motorcycles. 

The source said the bandits demanded N150 million ransom before they could free the captives. The community, however, negotiated N100,000 for each of the abducted residents which the bandits turned down. 

We have been negotiating with the bandits but finally they agreed to collect six Honda motorcycles and N2 million for the release of two groups totalling 40 in number,” the source said. 

“The 150 people they abducted were divided into six groups, and they said we should bring six Honda motorcycles and N2 million cash for each of the groups. This is after they rejected our initial offer of N100,000 for each person. They have released two groups, remaining four groups

"Since the incident, no single government official or security agent has visited the community for an on-the-spot assessment of what happened. The community is left without security at the moment and it has remained deserted,” the source added. 

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