Cold lava sweeps villages killing at least 41 people in Indonesia.

Monday, May 13, 2024 - At least 41 people have been killed on Indonesia's Sumatra island after torrential downpours washed cold lava down Mount Marapi and devastated helpless villages. 

Hours of heavy rain over the weekend displaced chunks of volcanic rock and sent them hurtling down into the settlements below, while a nearby river breached its banks and sent floodwater gushing through the streets. 

Those who were not killed by the cold lava were swept away by a flood that overran roads, homes and mosques, ultimately submerging almost 200 buildings and dozens of cars.

Photos showed cars sitting on piles of debris, with some vehicles completely submerged in cold lava – also known as lahar, a mix of ash, sand and pebbles carried down a volcano during heavy rains.

With the death toll still climbing, 17 people remain missing in the Agam district and Tanah Datar. 

 The search is continuing for survivors.

Ilham Wahab, a West Sumatra disaster mitigation agency official, said yesterday: “Data as of last night, we recorded 37 dead victims… But from this morning it has grown again, the figure reached 41.

“We are focused on first, searching and rescuing the victims, second, protecting the evacuees, protecting the vulnerable people.”

Emergency posts and evacuation centers have been set up in the affected areas.

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