Tourist falls 250 feet to her death into active volcano while posing for photo.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 
A tourist fell 250 feet to her death in Indonesia after tripping while taking photos on the edge of an active volcano.

The woman, identified as 31-year-old Chinese citizen Huang Lihong, was with her husband on a guided tour of Ijen, a volcano park in East Java, when she tumbled into the crater Saturday, April 20, Hongxing News reported.

The couple had climbed to the top of the active volcano, which is known for its popular "blue fire" phenomenon, to catch the sunrise.

The tour guide later told authorities that Lihong had initially kept a safe distance from the edge of the crater after being repeatedly warned of the dangers while posing for snaps.

But she then started walking backward to inch closer — then accidentally stepped on her long clothing, tripped, and fell into the mouth of volcano.

A photo circulating in local media showed Lihong apparently posing with her leg raised and clouds of sulfur gas behind her just before her deadly tumble.

 It took rescuers roughly two hours to retrieve her body, according to authorities.

 The tourist’s death has since been ruled an accident.

Her body was scheduled to be transported to Bali before being flown back to China, local media reported.

The Ijen volcano is known for its "blue fire", which is caused by combustion of sulfuric gases.

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