Military denies retaliatory attack in Delta after 16 officers were killed

Monday, March 18, 2024 –The Nigerian military has refuted claims of carrying out a reprisal attack on Okuoma community in Delta state where 16 of its officers were killed by youths of the community over the weekend.

General Christopher Musa, the Defence chief, in a response sent to Reuters denied that the military had initiated an attack on the community.

‘’"No reprisals by the army. We are searching for the murderers and their weapon cache," Musa said

Some Nigerians have alleged that some men in army uniform ransacked and burnt homes in the community on Sunday, March 17, days after youths killed the officers.

The 16 soldiers were sent to the community to resolve a land dispute. On Sunday, a video of houses in the community burning went viral with claims that they were set up by some military officers.

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