Family seeking justice after controversial death of 24 year old daughter during a diagnostic procedure at Paragon clinics (VIDEO)

Sunday, March 17, 2024 
The family of a young graduate who died while visiting a hospital for a simple procedure are demanding justice while accusing the hospital of medical negligence.

Rebeka Sekidika, a first class Univeristy graduate, was set to travel abroad to further her education when she visited Paragon Clincs & Imaging in Port Harcourt after she missed her period for three months.

A number of tests, including pregnancy test, were done on the 24-year-old and they all came out negative.

She then returned to the hospital for a diagnostic hysterescopy.

She was healthy when she went to the hospital on Feb. 2 for a disgnositic procedure that "isn’t life threatening". While waiting to be attended to, she joined her online class with her laptop there at the hospital before going in to see the doctor.

However, minutes later, her parents report hearing commotion coming from the theatre and they were later informed that Rebeka had died.

The bereaved father said he saw her in a pool of blood when he went into the theatre and he doesn't understand how his healthy daughter would end up that way.

He is now seeking justice, while accusing the clinic of negligence.

Watch below.

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