Abductors kill Abuja resident after receiving N23m ransom, 6 others still held hostage

Sunday, February 25, 2024 
-An Abuja resident identified as Olayinka Ogunyemi has reportedly been killed by bandits even after they had received N23m ransom. 

A source reported that the deceased is one of the seven persons abducted from Kuduru community in the federal capital territory (FCT). He was killed after members of the families of the hostages failed to pay the N290 million demanded.

A source told the publication that the bandits called on Friday, February 23, to break the news of the execution of the civil engineer. 

The source said; 

“The bandits called us yesterday that they have killed engineer Olayinka Ogunyemi. The bandits threatened to kill the remaining captives if N230 million is not made available as ransom. Those still in captivity include one and half year-old boy, two siblings, a pregnant woman and two men.

“N23 million has been paid, food sent and other items they demanded but none of our people has been released. We are appealing to the federal government, the police and the army to step up efforts to rescue our people because their abductors said Nigeria has offended them and they would retaliate.”

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