LISA BONET is divorcing JASON MOMOA after 2-year split

Tuesday, January 9, 2024
 – Actress Lisa Bonet is filing for divorce from actor, Jason Mamoa, nearly 2 years after they announced they are splitting up.

Lisa who is asking for dissolution of their marriage, listed their date of separation as October 7, 2020, which means their marriage lasted for 3 years as they got married in 2017.

On their two children Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, Lisa said she wants joint physical and legal custody. On the money front, Lisa isn't asking for spousal support and also indicated that Jason won't be asking for any either. It is speculated they have a prenup as their separate property and assets have been agreed.

This marks the end of Lisa's second marriage as she was famously married to Lenny Kravitz and had a girl with him, actress Zoe Kravitz.

For Jason, this is his first and only marriage. While they tied the knot just 8 years ago, they'd been dating for a very long time. They were first linked in 2005. 

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