Tragic as 12-year-old girl is killed by crocodile while 'cooling off' in a river

Thursday, July 4, 2024
 -A schoolgirl, 12, has been killed by a crocodile when she went for a swim in a river in Australia.

 The tragic schoolgirl was dragged to her death in Palumpa, northern Australia after she vanished when she went for a swim.

 The alarm was raised when she went missing after she was last seen swimming in Mango Creek.

 Police tragically confirmed her remains had been found today, Thursday, July 4, despite a frantic 36-hour search.

 Authorities described the scene as "particularly gruesome."

 Northern Territory Police Senior Sergeant Erica Gibson said: "This morning, as a result of searching intensively overnight, the remains of the missing child were located in the riverway.

 "It was particularly gruesome and a sad, devastating outcome. It was extremely difficult for the first responders involved in the search.

 "As awful as the outcome is, it's been an incredible effort from the people involved. I certainly would commend the actions of everyone involved.

 "They were diligent and worked relentlessly. However, for the family, it's the most devastating outcome possible for them.

 "They are in a state of extreme shock and disbelief. "

 Northern Territory police minister Brent Potter said officers had been authorised to "remove" the killer crocodile as he warned locals to be vigilant.

 He said: "We live in a place where crocodiles occupy our water places... it's just a reminder to stay out of the water as best we can."

 Sgt Gibson said a black crocodile was seen in the sea close to where the schoolgirl had been swimming as police used boats, helicopters and officers on foot to no avail.


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