Actress MEAGAN GOOD recounts how her friends told her to steer clear of actor JONATHAN MAJORS

Tuesday, July 9, 2024
 -Meagan Good has never been happier dating Jonathan Majors, even though friends have advised her against it due to his legal issues.

 Appearing on "Today With Hoda and Jenna," Meagan emphasized that while she values advice, she ultimately makes her own decisions, feeling at peace with them, including her relationship with Majors. She mentioned her faith, stating that she is accountable to God for her choices.

 Despite Majors' legal troubles, Meagan has shown unwavering support, standing by him during court appearances. They started dating less than a year after her divorce from DeVon Franklin was finalized in 2022.

 Meagan spoke positively about their relationship, highlighting their mutual support and respect, describing it as "downright wonderful."

 Jonathan Majors was arrested in March 2023 for allegedly assault!ng his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, and was later found guilty on two misdemeanour counts of assau!t and hara$$ment. He did not receive jail time and maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal.

 The couple is looking forward to moving on with their lives, despite Meagan recently signing on for a new movie about domestic v!olence, a topic closely related to Majors' recent experiences.

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