"This Japa movement has been a major challenge" Chief Medical Director of FMC Yenagoa laments shortage of medical professionals

Monday, June 17, 2024
 - The Chief Medical Director, of Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa in Bayelsa, Dr James Omietimi has lamented the effects of the mass migration of medical professionals.

Omietimi said the mass migration, known as the Japa syndrome, has negatively impacted the healthcare delivery system in Nigeria.

He said that FMC Yenagoa and many hospitals nationwide are understaffed because most medical professionals have left the country.

He added that those medical professionals left are overworked due to the shortage of manpower. 

The CMD called for the retirement age for medical health workers to increase from 60 to 65, or even 70 years, as it was done in other professions like university lectures and judges. 

Omietimi reassured the general public of the hospital’s commitment to providing medical services, in spite shortage of clinical personnel.



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