Nigerian man roasted for celebrating his estranged wife on her birthday after he accused her of infidelity and questioned paternity of their son

Thursday, June 20, 2024 
A Nigerian man, Oroufagha Emomotimi, has celebrated his estranged wife on her birthday 16 months after he accused her of infidelity and questioned the paternity of their son. 

 Oroufagha, a former Assistant Secretary of the All Progressives Congress 9APC, in Ekeremor Ward, Bayelsa State. took to Facebook in December 2022, calling out his wife, friends and family members for betraying him.

Oroufagha publicly apologised to Benedicta in a Facebook post on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, blaming the ‘’devil, jealousy and anger'' for his action. 

He also admitted that the allegations he made against his wife were false and pleaded for her forgiveness. 

In a Facebook post on Thursday, June 20, 2024, he wished Benedicta a happy birthday, referring to her as a ‘fine girl’.

“I believe you are learning and improving daily. Enjoy the best of heaven here on earth. Happy birthday fine girl,” he wrote.

However, the post didn't go down well with one of his acquaintances who accused him of chasing clout and acting like a child on social media.

“If you love and respect fathers you shouldn't have acted like a child in this blue space. You are like a salt that lost its saviour in my sight. Like a man who beheld his face in a glass, turned aside and forgot the manner of man he was,” Tim wrote in the comment section

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