Music is medicine for the soul — MARKISS LULU

Sunday, June 30, 2024 
-Budding singer, Markiss Lulu, is of the opinion that music is the medicine of the soul.

The singer stated that music is so powerful that it can heal people, even sometimes when conventional drugs fail.

Speaking on his latest single titled, ‘Runaway’, the singer stated that his ‘unique style of music is inspired by years of listening to the unique sounds and storytelling talent of international artistes’.

On what fans should expect from the new song, Markiss said, “In the song, I profess my love to a love interest. It shows my special way of blending sonorous rhythm with unforgettable poetic lines.

“Every song I make is special to me, and I always make sure that both the lyrics and melody are of international standards. I am sure my fans will enjoy the song, as they can even use some of the lyrics to express affection for their loved ones.

“I am of the opinion that music is the medicine of the soul, and good songs are actually therapeutic. In the light of that, my songs are not just meant to entertainer, they also make the listeners feel good, and teach them something new.”

About two months ago, the song had released a single titled, ‘Iya Mi’, in which he extolled the virtues of his mum and other mothers. According to the artiste, the song, which was produced by Arrivedercibeatz, is an appreciation and acknowledgment of mothers all over the world.

The singer, who regards Wizkid as his acclaimed mentor, also noted that he was following in the footsteps of the latter by bring his own unique sound to enrich the fast-growing afrobeats genre.

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