"Men who hate women should not have any women in their lives" Internet personality, SUGABELLY slams KELVIN ODANZ' wife for marrying him despite his negative tweets about women

Saturday, June 29, 2024 
- has slammed the wife of Kelvin Odanz after she came on X to cry out that she is suffering infidelity, among other things,  from her husband.

 Kelvin's wife said she married him because they share the same values and have known each other since they were kids in the same church.

However, what she saw in the marriage wasn't what she was promised.Reacting, multiple Twitter users told her that Kelvin never hid who he was or how he felt about women.


Sugabelly then weighed in, writing: "Any woman who knowing Kelvin Odanz’s past utterances and actions, knowingly engaged in a relationship with him, should not be surprised by whatever she saw inside there.

 "When he was saying the most horrific things about women, you blocked those of us who called him to order, now you’re surprised that he’s treating you exactly the way he said publicly all these years.

 "I’ve said before that men who hate women should not have any women in their lives.

 "No female friends. No girlfriends. No wives.

 "That’s not a joke. It’s a serious requirement of female solidarity for the safety and survival of all women and girls. 

"So if you thought those bitter feminists were just jealous while you were enjoying marriage with Kelvin Odanz, well now your eye don clear.


 "Next time you won’t be the dumbass woman ignoring feminists because some brain dead man is telling you that you’re special and you’re stupid enough to think your own will be different 

"You even gave him a daughter, now he has one more person to abuse.

"How stupid can you get? @Mn_Nabo

"This guy advertised from day one that he hates women with a passion, yet not one, not two, but FOUR women decided to throw away their dignity to give a wretched incel romance he never deserved."


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