Kenyan protester smokes teargas from canister thrown at him by the Anti-Riot police officers during protests (VIDEO)

Thursday, June 27, 2024 -
A Kenyan protester smoked teargas from a canister thrown at him by the Anti-Riot police officers during the #RejectFinanceBill2024 protests in Kenya.

Youths of Kenya have displayed courage as they take to the streets to protest the bill.

At least 22 citizens have died in the protests after being shot by Anti-Riot police 

Yet, Kenyan youths remain undeterred and have continued to protest.

In one incident, tear gas was thrown in the direction of protesters and one protester who caught the canister smoked it like a vape.

He even shared it with another protester.

The young man can be heard saying he wants one with strawberry flavour.

This makes him the first human known to smoke tear gas 

After days of protests, Kenya's President William Ruto made a dramatic U-turn. Ruto announced that the government's controversial tax bill will be withdrawn.

 Thursday, June 27.

Prominent protesters dismissed his comments, with one, Hanifa Adan, labelling it a “PR” move after the violence at rallies earlier in the week.

Adan said earlier that protesters would “march peacefully again as we wear white, for all our fallen people”, with some supporters planning to bring flowers in memory of the dead.

“You cannot kill all of us,” she said on X.

Another protester, Nelly, said she intended to join the march on Thursday, criticising Ruto’s approach as a case of too little, too late.

“He could have done this earlier without people having to die,” she said. “So let it be known that we are marching tomorrow for a better future Kenya.”

Watch the video below.


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