If anyone should be arrested, it should be TINUBU – AISHA YESUFU reacts to calls for her arrest after she remained sitting during recital of old-turned-new national anthem (VIDEO)

Monday, June 3, 2024
 - Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu has reacted to calls for her arrest for refusing to stand during the recital of the Nigerian national anthem.

In a viral video, Aisha Yesufu is seen boldly daring anyone to take action against her for her refusal to stand during the national anthem.

She said if anyone should be arrested, it should be President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. She recalled that amid the election campaign, he lifted a stick during the recital of the national anthem.

She also claimed that Tinubu was not voted for but "rigged his way into office and he dared to change a national anthem that Nigerians have been using for over 46 years."

"How dare he?" she asked.

She added that Nigerians are enslaved because they are afraid of dying but she is not afraid.

She said the government disregard citizens in decision-making process because they know citizens would take whatever they dish out.

To those calling for her arrest, she said: "I dey wait for them. We die here. There is no retreat, there is no surrender. This country is our own."

Watch the video below.

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