‘Failed actress with no pedigree' ANGELA OKORIE slams YVONNE JEGEDE over comment on YUL EDOCHIE'S choice of polygamy

Wednesday, June 12, 2024 
-Actress Angela Okorie has slammed her colleague, Yvonne Jegede over her comment about Yul Edochie's marriage. 

While speaking on a podcast recently, Yvonne said she sees nothing wrong in Yul picking a second wife. The mum of one added that those who are busy insulting the actor were infact children of 2nd, 3rd and 4th wives. 

Following the backlash she received, Yvonne released a statement in Tuesday, June 11, apologizing to May for her comments

Angela disapproved of Yvonne's apology and took a swipe at her. She wrote;

''Failed actress with no pedigree person go just open mouth wahhh like person wey get diarrhea of the mouth Dey insult another woman pain like wtf na so this idi*t and her useless co-Horts pr say their mama Dey mad just for propaganda, oh well Not every mother is a mother not every wife is a wife some wives are knifes, Yvonne from that podcast you showed how low and senseless you are ior you know some nollywood girls are used to becoming second wives from snatching peoples husbands so is normal to them else how can a woman that sucked her mum's breast for 9 months talk like this, now you are writing nonsense epistles, numbskull upon say you don old for Nollywood you no blow, still no get sense, abeg shift make I see human beings''

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