Drama in a Kenyan court as two children fight off their mother after custody hearing and refuse to leave their father, forcing the magistrate to change the ruling (VIDEO).


Friday, June 7, 2024 - There was drama in one of the Kenyan courts after two children fought off their mother after a ruling on child custody.

The court ruled that the woman should take custody of the kids and immediately after the ruling, the kids refused to leave their father.

A trending video that has sparked reactions on social media shows the two kids fighting off their mother as she tries to grab them by force.

She tries to bundle them into a Tuktuk outside the court but they refuse to get in.

The kids return to the court premises as members of the public watch the drama in dismay.

Word has it that the magistrate was forced to change the ruling in favour of the children’s father after the drama.

Watch the video of the dramatic incident.

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