72-year-old sports analyst BILL BELICHICK dating 24-year-old ex-cheerleader JORDON HUDSON

Sunday, June 16, 2024 - 72-year-old American sports analyst and football coach, Bill Belichick is reportedly dating a 24-year-old ex-cheerleader Jordon Hudson.

Sources told TMZ they began dating after the ex-New England Patriots head coach called off his longtime relationship with Linda Holliday.

It was gathered that Hudson first met the 72-year-old on a flight from the Boston area bound for Florida way back in 2021 and bonded over a philosophy project the student-athlete had been working on.

They swapped contact information after landing and stayed friendly through the ensuing months, discussing her school work and the X's and O's of her cheerleading routines.

Soon after Belichick's split with Holliday which took place during the 2022 season, they became more than just friends. The two kept things on the low, even though Hudson quietly supported Belichick at his games at Gillette Stadium throughout the '22 and '23 seasons.

Recently, they decided to become more public with things. Belichick was spotted rooting her on at a cheerleading competition in March. He also was seen with her on a work trip to Croatia. Just this week, she attended Tom Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Bill.

Things have become so known about the two in their inner circles, Rob Gronkowski even cracked a joke about their relationship during Netflix's "The Roast of Tom Brady" last month.

Hudson, an entrepreneur and philosopher has even begun helping Belichick with his business endeavors.

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