Soldier ‘beat his 8-month-old daughter dead because she wouldn’t stop screaming’.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 
-An American soldier allegedly beat his eight-month-old daughter to death because she would not stop screaming. 

Sgt Gabriel Ceville, with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Liberty in North Carolina, is accused of causing fatal head injuries to his daughter, Misty Delatorre, in February 2023. 

The child’s death was ruled a homicide by the North Carolina Medical Examiner, but no one was charged with the crimes at the time.

Misty’s mother and grandmother pushed for justice, and it was not until May 2024 that Ceville was charged in his daughter’s death.

“I just want justice. I did,” her grandma, Misty Bray, told ABC11. 

“I just want my grandbaby’s death – someone needs to be held accountable.”

Ceville has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and unpremeditated murder in Misty’s death. 

He also faces a domestic violence charge for a parental discipline incident separate from the death. 

 He appeared in court or his preliminary hearing on Thursday, May 23. 

Misty’s mother, Alina, lives in California and watched the hearing through Facetime with her mother Misty Bray.

 “It’s a step but it’s far from justice. I cannot grieve properly for my baby because justice has not been served,” she said. “It is unbelievable that so much violence was inflicted onto an innocent eight-month-old baby. My daughter’s murderer is walking free and we will not stop until that monster is put away.”

 Misty suffered severe brain and eye injuries and haemorrhages that were likened those of a car crash victim. 

 “Having to find out the injuries like that? Like who does that?” Bray said. “That’s a monster. She did nothing. She may have been fussy, but that’s it.”

 A Cumberland County judge had given 50/50 custody to both parents only two weeks before Misty

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