Outrage as school children in uniform are captured on camera carrying buckets of concrete on their heads during school hours (VIDEO)

Thursday, May 30, 2024
 - A suspected member of staff at a school was confronted by a passer-by who saw students being subjected to manual labour during school hours.

In a video shared online by TikTok user @OlalereMary, the students, wearing school uniform, are seen carrying buckets on their head, while conveying its contents from one location to another.

The woman who captured the video said it was concretes that the children had on their heads.

She confronted the woman who was supervising the children and asked why they were carrying heavy load on their head instead of being in class 

"No, it's not heavy. Am I not the one putting it on their heads?" the woman said.

However,  the lady filming ordered the children to drop the load and return to school.

As the woman tried to object, the one filming pushed the buckets off the head of the children and they fell and broke.

Watch the video below.

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