Good Samaritans assist mentally challenged woman deliver her baby by the roadside in Niger state

Thursday, May 30, 2024 
-Kindhearted Nigerians came together to help a mentally challenged woman birth her baby girl in Suleja, Niger state on Wednesday, May 29. The kind Nigerians had seen the pregnant mentally challenged woman in pain while trying to birth her baby by the roadside. They rallied around and helped her through her birth process. 

Sharing the heartwarming story on Facebook, a media personality, Ordinary Sadiq Asa, wrote

‘’What a day in my life  

A Woman With Mental Illness was Seriously wailing in pain on the event of giving birth and everyone running away... A good Samaritan Woman And I take the bold steps to help her out against all odds.

At Last, it was successful ... God is indeed Wonderful ..... What a beautiful baby girl... We later took her to General Hospital Suleja for further Treatment....

Alhamdulilah I am so happy. ‘’

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