Woman who spent $50k on surgeries to look like MARILYN MONROE now wants to return to her natural look

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 – 
A plastic surgery “addict” who spent over $50k to transform herself into Marilyn Monroe is now reversing procedures for a “natural look”.

Serena Smith, 24, from California decided she wanted to change her appearance when she was 18.

The Beverly Hills based beauty first opted for a boob job – which cost her $7,500 to go from an A cup to a bustier D.

From here, the songstress got a taste for all things cosmetic surgery. This led Serena down a path of extreme procedures that would change her looks to appear closer to Marilyn Monroe's look.

She spent $12,000 on a nose job and a further $20,000 on a Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

She also got Botox, along with fillers in her forehead, lips, chin, and cheeks.

In total, Serena has spent over $50,000.

However, she's now ready for a drastic change after feeling like she was turning into an "alien."

She told The Sun: "I am trying to embrace natural beauty a little bit. I am not saying I am done with getting procedures or anything, but I want to embrace my natural look.

"I loved my appearance, but over time I have realised it wasn't working for me. Maybe it comes with growing older, you learn to accept your beauty a little bit more."

Serena said she has noticed that "things are going more down to basics" as the more natural look is being embraced by many at the moment.

She recently went to the clinic to het a large amount f filler dissolved after she felt her filler pumped chin was making her appear to have similar features to an "alien".

Serena said she now wants to "keep things fresh" and noted that people change, so do their styles and look. She had her extreme surgery aesthetic for three years, and now feels like it's time to change.

Serena concluded: “I am not saying I am done with plastic surgery, but I am going for a more subtle look with my result.”

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