Lifestyle blogger starved his newborn son to death after prescribing strict sunlight ‘diet’ instead of milk.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 -A lifestyle blogging father has been jailed for eight years for causing the death of his newborn son by demanding the child live on a 'diet' of sunlight instead of food and milk

Maxim Lyutyi, 44, and his partner Oxana Mironova, 34, failed to properly feed their baby Cosmos, who died from 'pneumonia and emaciation' when he was less than one month old.

The Russian father will serve his sentence in a high-security penal colony.

 He took the baby away from his mother for a day at a time 'dousing him with cold water to harden him', reported Mash news outlet.

'The little body could not withstand the abuse: exhaustion developed and breathing problems appeared. But even in this condition, the child was not shown to doctors.'

Lyutyi caused 'intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm' to Cosmos by insisting the baby be nourished mainly on sunlight, the court in Sochi heard.

He admitted his guilt in a court appearance last week after previously trying to pin the blame on Mironova who has already received a non-custodial sentence of two years 'correctional labour'

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