Sad day for Kenyans as flash floods kill over 100 people amid heavy rains that continue pounding parts of eastern Africa.(PHOTOs)

Monday, April 29, 2024
 -Flash floods and a landslide sent a deluge of muddy water over a Kenyan village early Monday, killing about 100  people, as torrential rains continued to pound East Africa

The cause of the landslide was not immediately clear. Earlier information from government official had cited a collapsed dam, though later reports from aid workers and local news media suggested that an obstructed tunnel had given way, allowing a torrent of muddy water to careen over the village around 3 a.m. local time

The floods swept off people, houses and cars in the Kamuchiri area of the Rift Valley region in southern Kenya, Kithure Kindiki, cabinet secretary of the Kenyan Interior Ministry, said in a statement

Mr. Kindiki added that bodies had been found along the path of the flash floods and the landslide, and that search and rescue operations were continuing Monday.

The Interior Ministry has also ordered an inspection of all public and private water reservoirs within 24 hours.

Heavy rains have been pounding parts of East Africa for weeks, and the resultant flooding has killed hundreds of people in several nations in recent days and displaced tens of thousands more.

United Nations experts have attributed the heavier-than-usual rains to a combination of two natural climate cycles: El Niño, which increases the likelihood of wet conditions in certain parts of the world, and a similar pattern called the Indian Ocean Dipole.

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