A man wails uncontrollably outside a recruitment agency in Nairobi after being conned of Ksh 60,000 - He had been promised a job in Canada, only to find out it was a scam (VIDEO).

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 - A man caused drama outside a recruitment agency located at Pension Towers in Nairobi Central Business District after he was conned of Ksh 60,000.

The rogue agency called Worth Start Africa lied to the desperate jobseeker from Kiambu that they would secure him a job in Canada.

He borrowed Ksh 60,000 and paid to the agency, hoping to get a job abroad. 

However, the agency started taking him in circles after paying the money.

He paid the agency fee in January and up to date, there has been no progress.

He stormed the agency’s offices along Loita Street breathing fire and demanded to be refunded his money.

The distressed man wailed uncontrollably outside the office, attracting the attention of members of the public.

He said the agency had lied to him that there were a lot of jobs in Canada.

Watch the video.

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