A 10-year-old boy is the sole survivor of a murder-suicide that killed his entire family.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024 -The boy woke up and found his mother and three brothers dead alongside his father who is believed to be behind the deaths. 

It is not known why Jonathan Candy, 42, murdered his wife Lindsay, 39, and sons Lucas, 12, Ethan, 14, and Dylan, 18, or why he spared his youngest son. 

Sergeant Gary Knight said that the boy called 911 saying he had just woken up and found their bodies. 

The motive of the shooting on the 2800 block of Mirage Street in Oklahoma City, USA, remains unknown.

It is believed the parents had an argument late on Sunday night, April 21, or early on Monday morning, April 22.

Sgt Knight said: "At some point he armed himself with a gun, he shot her multiple times, killing her. 

"At that point he systematically went through the home shooting and killing the children.”

When police arrived, he described the scene as “carnage”.

He said: “Make no mistake about it, what happened in that residence was nothing short of a massacre.”

 Cops said they do not doubt the boy saying that he slept through the shooting. He called cops shortly after 9.30am. 

Sgt Knight said: “The door (to his room) was closed and there was a box fan running. There is no indication he didn’t sleep through it.”

He was not injured and is under the care and custody of relatives.

 The family had no previous contact with law enforcement or history of domestic violence, and there had been no police calls to their home, according to Knight. 

 “It remains a mystery as to what caused Mr Candy to murder his wife and three of his children,” stated a police report. 

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