Sad as a 29 year old man dies in tragic accident after falling at his own engagement party

Tuesday, March 12,2024 
A British man who moved to Australia to become a police officer has died in a fatal accident during his engagement party. 

Liam Trimmer, 29, died on Sunday, March 10, at his home in Western Australia during a party with friends and family to announce his engagement. 

The senior constable reportedly slipped and fell to the ground, cutting open his carotid artery. 

Loved ones rushed to save Trimmer, but he died from heavy bleeding shortly before the paramedics could arrive at the scene, the police said.

 Trimmer was described as an "extraordinary officer" by police commissioner Col Blanch, who said the officer's friends and family did their best to save him.

It was not immediately clear how the police officer fell and suffered the fatal neck wound, which has prompted an inquest to be opened. "

Everything was done to try and save him, but it wasn't to be and I know everyone that was involved are really, really hurting at the moment and I think they wish they could just wake up from this nightmare," the commissioner told 9News. 

"This extraordinary officer loved helping the community and was a fine example of WA [Western Australia] policing and it's just such a tragedy. [He] a very, very confident, capable young man with his whole life ahead of him, and that's how sad that Trimmer was featured in the BBC show “Wanted Down Under,” in which British families were given a taste of life in Australia and New Zealand before deciding whether to leave the UK, the Telegraph reported.

He moved to Australia in 2013 and graduated from the Joondalup Police Academy, before relocating to Kalgoorlie town. He joined the Gang Crime Squad and tactical response group in the force and became one of the prominent members of the local community.

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