Prime Minister, OTAROLA, resigns over leaked video of him ‘declaring Love’ to woman who later got lucrative contracts from his Ministry

 Sunday, March 10, 2024
 – Peru’s Prime Minister Alberto Otárola has tendered his resignation amid allegations of using his position and influence to assist a woman in securing lucrative government contracts.

The scandal took a different turn when Peruvian TV broadcaster Panorama aired audio clips purportedly featuring conversations between Otárola and the woman in question, identified as Yaziré Pinedo, 25.

The allegations suggest that Pinedo was awarded two contracts for work in the defence ministry in 2023, amounting to a total of 53,000 sol ($14,000).

Otárola, 57, who served as Peru’s defence minister until the end of 2022 before being promoted by President Dina Boluarte to Prime Minister has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

In the audio recordings, Otárola is heard expressing affection for Pinedo and requesting her CV, contradicting his earlier assertion that their interaction is only during a single meeting.

Pinedo and Otarola claim that the recordings date back to 2021 before Otárola was appointed as the cabinet minister.

President Boluarte, responding swiftly to the controversy, summoned Otárola back from an official visit to Canada, demanding his resignation.

Otárola, in his resignation speech on Wednesday, March 6, accused individuals, including former Prime Minister Martín Vizcarra, of planning to tarnish his image.

“Those who have always wanted me out of the government… have not even hesitated to edit an audio with the veiled purpose of tarnishing my image,” Otárola declared.

Peruvian law mandates that all 18 members of the cabinet must submit their resignations following Otárola’s departure, with the president retaining the option to reappoint them if she chooses.

President Boluarte has already implemented multiple cabinet reshuffles in an effort to stabilize her administration and quell opposition since assuming office.

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