Nigerian football needs radical revolution to reclaim glory as countries no longer fear us – SENATOR SHEHU SANI

Tuesday, March 05, 2024
 – Social activist and politician, Senator Shehu Sani has stated that Nigerian football needs a radical revolution to reclaim its glory days when the mention of the Super Eagles instilled fear in many African teams.

According to the Senator, Nigerian Football has lost its traditional style from the age-grade teams to the Super Eagles because of the over-dependence on foreign-based Nigerian players.

“We must make radical changes in what we are doing now with our football otherwise we might become the laughing stock of other African countries who are investing and developing their leagues and football architecture. We have to return to the streets and schools which used to be the conveyors of our national teams,” the Kaduna-born activist told Completesports.

“Our Super Eagles lost in the final of AFCON 2023 playing defensive football which is new to us. Nigeria has always been a team that uses skills and speed to wear down our opponents before finishing them but the reverse is the case now as other African countries are the ones showing us how to play good football. We must go back to our old traditional style of play to dominate Africa again.”

“I also want to advocate for the NFF to engage six coaches in six zones of the country to select talents and build a team from each zone to come and play each other in Abuja for the national senior coaches to harness the players picked from play-offs. By so doing, we won’t be over depending on foreign-based players.”

He praised President Bola Tinubu for rewarding the Super Eagles players and officials for the Silver medal feat at AFCON 2023.

“The awards will prompt them to greater performance and encourage the other national teams to be good ambassadors, he said”

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