Check out the video of a man angered by woman he allegedly moved into a furnished house but returned to the streets with children to beg (VIDEO)

Friday, March 22, 2024
 – A video of a Nigerian man fuming after he discovered that a ‘’homeless'' woman whom he rented an apartment for, returned to the streets with her children to beg. 

The man had spotted the lady on the streets begging for money and rallied around to raise some money for her which he said he used in renting an apartment for her. He also claimed that he gave the said lady N300,000 to start a business. However, days later, the woman went back to the streets with her children to continue begging for money.

In anger, the man led some police officers to arrest the woman after finding out she had gone back to the streets to resume her 'begging occupation.'

In a video shared, the woman could be heard dismissing the man's claim of giving her money to start a business. She then stated that the man did not rent her an apartment but got her a ‘security post’.

Watch the trending video below…

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