'Please pity the poor ,we are hungry' Nigerian women plead with President BOLA TINUBU (VIDEO)

Saturday, February 24, 2024 
As the economic hardship continues to bite, more Nigerians have come out to appeal to President Tinubu to help their situation. 

In an interview with Guardian, two women expressed sadness over the rising cost of living. One of the women who claimed she voted for President Tinubu during the 2023 elections, said;

‘’President Bola Tinubu, we all voted for you. We thought you would assist us. We are hungry! You can see that I have a load on my head. I have trekked a long distance with it. The money is not enough for the fare to my destination. Please pity the poor/masses. The masses came out to vote for you. I voted for you so you could win. We are hungry!''

In a separate interview, another woman said:

We are hungry! A tin of rice now sells for N1,200.  A five-litre of vegetable oil is N7,000. Tinubu, is that good? Everything is expensive. We are hungry. Pity the poor. Have mercy on us, Have mercy on us. So that we don’t let us die of hunger. Don’t let us suffer''

 Watch a video of them lamenting below…

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