KANYE WEST publicly pleads for help after venues refuse to book him (VIDEO)


Thursday, February 8, 2024 – Kanye West has gone on Instagram to plead for help.

The rapper claimed that his upcoming listening party show at United Center in Chicago sold out in seven minutes – but revealed that it was the only venue that would have him.

"It's the only arena that I had access to in the past year," West explained in the clip. "And when I call, people say there's no avails for me, and you know why that is."

"So if there's anybody out there that can help with this, please," he added.

In a follow-up post, West wrote, "I have not been allowed to perform in a year. Feels like the Elvis Presley movie."

The listening party is to celebrate the release of his new record, Vultures, which will mark his return to music.

West has been attempting to repair his career after he nearly destroyed it by publicly making a string of antisemitic remarks. His behavior cost him several business deals, friendships, and his status as a billionaire. He has since doubled down on his comments multiple times, but in a bizarre move, he issued an apology to the Jewish community back in December.

Watch Kanye plead in the video below.

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